General Terms and Conditions

of the vendor Brenner Gift Ideas Ltd., Bahnhofstrasse 55, CH-9313 Muolen, Switzerland

1. Payment Terms: The valid prices are the selling prices from the day of order. The debtors or credits will be issued by the seller and managed by the factoring company "KMU Finance AG" at Silberturm, Rorschacherstrasse 150, 9006 St. Gallen. The prices are in CHF plus VAT and effective postage.
Payment period is 30 days net. For the first purchase a prepayment may be required.
We don't give a discount. For orders less than CHF 200 net, there will be an additional charge of CHF 15.

2. Since the goods are imported through foreign warehouse to Switzerland, the order is binding and can not be canceled. The buyer receives the available goods cleared and taxed from our stock in Switzerland within three to four weeks. For items that are marked as "currently not available", the delivery time is nonbinding. Acts of God, governmental actions, and the like, which affect the execution of the contract, the seller is entitled to postpone the delivery for the period in question, or to cancel the order.

3. Any complaints: When receiving a package with a suspected damage, only take it under conditional acceptance and note as follows: package squashed, wet, audible breaking, etc. Refuse opened or not properly sealed packages! The vendor must be notified of any complaints by writing within four days after receipt.

Damaged goods including packing material, has to be kept at least four weeks or be returned to the distributor upon request. If the conditions are supplied by the customer completely, a credit or replacement goods will be delivered. The vendors liability from any cause whatsoever, is limited to the amount of the purchase amount. Credits are not paid in cash.

4. The delivered goods remain our property until payment of the purchase amount and redemption of all claims arising from the business relationship and the expenses and claims occurred in connection with the purchased items.

5. For overdue payments we and our factoring reserve our right to charge an interest. This is determined by the lombard rate, but is at least 1 % per month (plus reminder charges CHF 5 and second reminder charges CHF 15). If not fulfilling our conditions, inadequate evidence of creditworthiness, a delivery suspension will be set or deliveries will only be done against prepayment.

6. Further assurances and promises of any kind, are only binding if they have been confirmed in writing by the vendor. By these conditions all possible conditions of the buyer are hereby canceled.

7. Exclusive place of jurisdiction for all binding forces under this contract, in particular for delivery and payment is the headquarters of the supplier. The law of the canton St. Gallen shall apply.



Our Company

Brenner Gift Ideas Ltd. is a wholesale company selling gift articles, located in Muolen. The company was founded in 1992. In 2003 it was converted into a joint stock company.

In the strategic business areas such as development, production, import and distribution there are more than 30 employees and agents working worldwide.

Our Customers

We mainly supply to retailers and other wholesalers in Switzerland and abroad only. Department stores, stationery stores, gift boutiques, flower shops, convenience stores, kiosks, bakeries, beverage retailers are among our clients.

Our Sales Range

We offer over 8000 gift items such as promotional gifts, decorative and household items, accessories etc.

Head Office and Distribution Center

Our head office is located in Muolen and we maintain distribution centers in Switzerland and Germany.

Expansion of Market Position

Innovation and dynamics are our key success factors. Our extensive field and market research in domestic and international markets, enables us to recognize fashion trends at a very early stage, to adopt and update those into our product range at an early stage.

With our registered brand "Mr. Jack®" we have created and successfully launched a number of products such as trendy sun and reading glasses, umbrellas, T-shirts, thongs, “mini” T-shirts, traffic signs, banners and badges, “Pop Up” cards as well as electronic gift ideas. All products and concepts are continuously updated and tuned to customers as well as market needs.

Marketing Communications

Based on the combination of self-designed and trade products, interlinking with several sectors and trade channels we are very close to the market development and stream of commerce, changes and trends can be monitored closely and gained experience will flow directly into the development process for new products respectively our customer needs. We keep our customer updated about the novelties on the market and support our customers to have the most updated product range and to keep our customers one step ahead.

Products Presentation

We support our resellers with the most helpful product presentation. With professional sales aids, displays, sales stands and additionally support our customer with our conceptual solutions to maximize their resale.

What makes us special?

Based on our worldwide network to our production plants, we continuously create, realize our tailor-made ideas and manufacture our products. This direct production and quality control approach allows us to deliver products on first-hand basis, good price for value and last but not least a strategy USP for our customers.

Quality is our Trademark

During evaluation process for our products, we pay close attention to the recyclability of disused objects and the ecological balance of their production. The quality of the products is constantly monitored by our local representatives. This service package not only safes you time it also reduces your cost!



Head office and Distribution Center (Switzerland)

Brenner Gift Ideas Ltd.
Bahnhofstrasse 55
CH-9313 Muolen / Switzerland

Tel: +41 (0)71 / 278 48 69
Fax: +41 (0)71 / 278 48 09

Email and Homepage

Orders: hc.neediknehcseg-rennerb@gnulletseb
Information: hc.neediknehcseg-rennerb@ofni
Customer service: hc.neediknehcseg-rennerb@ecivresnednuk



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